Math Resources From Around the Web

Math. I have to be the first one to admit that it is not my strong suit. I only could wish that they had math applications like the ones listed below for me as I was growing up. Who knows- maybe I could of been a mathematician? Who am I kidding? My right side of my brain is a little bit more dominant.

Anyway- here are some tried and true math games that you can bring into your classroom (or home). Most are free with paid versions.

Splash Math- Is a great game based math site for students in grades K-5. With fun, interactive customizable math games, what kid wouldn't want to practice their math facts to improve their score? They also have apps available for free and to purchase in iTunes.

Prodigy- I was first introduced to Prodigy at a NYSCATE conference back in 2015. I was handed a flier and spoke to the representative for a matter of 15 minutes. I went back to my hotel that night, logged in and played math (yes, me) for about an hour. I was hooked. Prodigy is great for students K-8 and is a completely free (with paid subscriptions) game based learning system. Have your students battle each other as they go head to head in the same world to answer math facts that are on his/her level. Love. This.

BrainPOP's Slice Fractions- You want to talk about a fun way to teach children about fractions and logic? Then you must try BrainPOP's Slice Fractions! Yet another math game that I could spend hours playing. I truly believe that BrainPOP got this one right- although, don't get me wrong, they have a pretty extensive list of excellent math games that you can check out here as well.

Math Playground- This site was my go-to site when I used to help out as an enrichment teacher. Since 2002, Math Playgrounds has been a promising place on the Web to find free, educational math games to help your students enhance or sharpen their math skills!

PBS Math-  Math mixed with the PBS characters that we all love. Who doesn't love that? Whether your students learn to "Dress up Time" or measure all the "silly things" with Curious George- this Website is sure to be a hit!

What's your favorite math place to go to on the Web?


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