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Computer History Lesson Plan

Well, happy summer! I have been spending sometime revamping my lessons (who says teachers get summers off?!) One lesson that I want to include this year is about the history of the computer. This lesson is intended for my 5th grade computer class. You can make adaptions as you see fit! Enjoy! ____________________________________________________________________________ Computer History Class Period: 40 Minutes Classes: 6-8 Day 1: Introduction to computer history Use Brainpop’s video (please note, you will need to have an account) to introduce the topic. After the video, read and discuss the main questions that go along with this video: Who made the first computer? Was the Antikythera mechanism really the first computer? What do we use computers for? Activity: Have the students chose one way technology has changed the way we work and compare it to how it was done in the past. For example, in the past people