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Managing Student Data using Google's Doc Appender

 If you're like me- you're busy. I am a teacher, an educational technology coach, and a student services coordinator. I play three very distinct roles. I am a run-on sentence. I am also trying diligently this year to be a paper clip; as I am a slinky by nature. (Please note. If you are scratching your head and questioning my sanity as of now, read this . It was presented to me at an in-service I attended about personality traits.) I found the Doc Appender add-on to benefit me in all three of my roles. Please, allow me to explain how..... First. What is Doc Appender?  Doc Appender is a simple "add-on" used in Google Forms. Once set up- it is a powerful tool to generate individualized reports. The set up can be daunting, but once you create each individual Google Doc, this tool is very dynamic and easy to use. I truly wish that the set up was backward. For example, once you select to use the Doc Appender add-on for the form, the Google Docs automatically gene

Welcome to Bloom Into EdTech

Hello and welcome to Bloom Into EdTech! I am starting this blog to document and share with you valuable (or at least I hope) educational technology resources. I hope you find this blog insightful, meaningful, educational, and above all, a great resource. Well, for now, that's it. Here's to a great beginning. ~Aimee