Managing Student Data using Google's Doc Appender

 If you're like me- you're busy. I am a teacher, an educational technology coach, and a student services coordinator. I play three very distinct roles. I am a run-on sentence. I am also trying diligently this year to be a paper clip; as I am a slinky by nature. (Please note. If you are scratching your head and questioning my sanity as of now, read this. It was presented to me at an in-service I attended about personality traits.)

I found the Doc Appender add-on to benefit me in all three of my roles. Please, allow me to explain how.....

First. What is Doc Appender? 
Doc Appender is a simple "add-on" used in Google Forms. Once set up- it is a powerful tool to generate individualized reports. The set up can be daunting, but once you create each individual Google Doc, this tool is very dynamic and easy to use. I truly wish that the set up was backward. For example, once you select to use the Doc Appender add-on for the form, the Google Docs automatically generate once you complete the Google Form. Dear Google,.....

Confused? Great! You can learn more bout Doc Appender here.

What do you use Doc Appender for?
My teachers use Doc Appender to easily keep a running record of what students did not complete homework as well as behavior issues. They created shortcuts of their created forms to their desktops for easy retrieval. When a student acts out or "forgets" homework, they pull up the form, fill out the fields and it generates a report right to the student's individual file stored on a Google Doc. I use this for my computer technology classes and my position of a student services coordinator,  I found this tool just as useful.

I also love using Doc Appender to track my formal and informal technology coaching sessions with my colleagues. As I stated above. I am busy. I keep a shortcut to the linked form for ease of use. I like to keep track of what I taught to whom and how it went.

Have you tried Doc Appender? If so, was it for other uses than stated above?


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