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Reading, Writing and Robots- Oh My!

KINDERGARTEN STEMFor this lesson, you will use's Make a Robot to engineer a robot from the various parts and pieces presented in the game. Discuss the terms engineer and scientific statement.Your students will then learn how to print your robot and type a Scientific Statement  (a sentence or two about what their robot can do) using a Word Processor. I suggest printing out their scientific statement and robot and mount on a piece of colored construction paper. And, hey- it's awesome to see the Tech Teacher's student work in the hallway every now and then too!Have your students present their finished project to the class!Resources for your project: ASK A NASA ROBOTIC ENGINEER! MORE FROM A ROBOTIC ENGINEER!

Assessment: Rubric

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ISTE Standards
1. Creativity and innovation- Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and pr…