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Teachers Love Technology {Infographic}

Like many computer education teachers out there, I myself am responsible for the technology in-services provided to the teachers and staff within my school building. Being an Educational Technologist has taught me a lot about how technology works across the curriculum, in individual classrooms and how my lesson and unit plans can aid in the success of classroom teacher's integration of technology. Below is a very interesting infographic about how teachers are more apt to using technology (yay!) and how their students are very receptive to it- and how technology is even raising test scores!   Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic

Digital Citizenship for 3-5th Grade

Digital Citizenship is an important lesson to teach, especially at a young age. I typically begin teaching this concept around the third grade so it is embedded in their minds when they become young adults.   I provided you with this PowerPoint to assist you in teaching your class about Digital Citizenship. Please note that it is created as a .pptx file and the directions for the PowerPoint are provided for you in the notes section under each slide. Included in The Digital Citizenship and You PowerPoint is an interactive quiz that works very well as a whole-class lesson. I have also created a "I pledge to be a good digital citizenship" for you and your students to sign and display with pride. To go along with the lesson on Digital Citizenship, I  recommend  the interactive online game called Webonauts . My third graders loved playing this game as it beautifully illustrates how to be a good citizen- on and offline! And hey- it's fun too! Download the Digital Citiz