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Monday, January 9, 2017

Making Digital Worksheets- Fun with Wizer

A few months ago, I was sent on a quest that was initiated by my middle school science teacher to find her an easy-to-use digital worksheet creator that will grade for her. That is where I stumbled upon Wizer.me. So, if you are on the hunt for an application where you can create, share and grade digital worksheets; look no further than Wizer.me!

I have been an advent user of this application myself for a few months now and love the features that this platform keeps adding! I find that if I get myself involved with the app, understand it and fall in love with it- the easier it is to share it with my staff.

Although the list does not stop here, below is a list of some of the perks to creating a digital worksheet in Wizer.me:

  • Ability to assign your Worksheets to Google Classroom, Edmodo or with a link.
  • Promotes collaboration as Wizer.me has an abundant amount of "Community Worksheets" that educators can share with one another.
  • Question options, such as fill in the blank, multiple choice, open-ended, fill on am image and matching.
  • Features like embedding, adding videos and the ability to record your voice! 
  • Did I mention that it will grade for you?

I have been presently using Wizer.me as part of a flipped learning approach in my technology classes and it has worked out great!

I created this tutorial here to highlight many of the features available to Wizer.me. Once a member, you can grab a copy of my digital worksheet here and use it for yourself!

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