Using Google Draw to create a Doodle 4 Google

What can I say?

There is nothing you cannot do in the G Suite. For the last two years or so my 4th-grade students have taking place in Google's contest, Doodle for Google (found here:

In years past we have used a variety of tools employing various devices (iPads, tablets, etc.). This year I decided to give Google Draw a go with my students.

I love Google Draw. How can you not love a tool that you can access anywhere? An artist by trade, I have found many workarounds to use this basic tool.

For example, check out this Google Draw Artist, Joshua Pomeroy by watching his video here: He makes it look so easy right?

Here was my give-it-a-go:

Not too shabby for my first attempt if I do say so myself!

I thought to myself, "self, why couldn't I use this tool with my students to illustrate what they feel the future will look like?"

Below is a Screencast of what tools I introduced to my students. You can hear their discussions and enthusiasm while I am showing them these tools. Please use it as a guide- a starting point for yourself. I personally uploaded the video to Google Classroom for them to refer back to when needed.

Please take note of the following:
1. I sneezed, It happens. Especially when you are creating a video for your students (and audience) to reflect on.

2. I rarely use the scribble tool and mainly use the polyline tool because of the inability to be able to fill after you draw an organic shape. I went back after this video was created and showed my students how to change the color, which you can simply do by clicking the scribble line and clicking the down arrow on the Line Tool menu AFTER the line is drawn. This is me. Uncut. In the moment. Schooled.

My student's learned two key points after they began their first Google Doodle using Google Draw:
1. How to make a suggestion to Google in the Help section by requesting that the scribble tool will fill a shape when it is completed. Dear Google, ......


2. Teacher's sneeze! Just kidding. But we do. They learned very quickly that they need to adjust layers and not be too click-happy with the polyline tool.

After my lesson on Google Draw, many went on to draw their illustrations without using an image as a guide. I will share those with you as soon as they finish!

Here is my second example:

I think I may have a future as a Doodle Artist!

Have you used Google Draw in any of your lessons? Art teachers, I would love to hear from you!


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