Using Google Slides to Create a Brochure for Student Project


Who doesn't love the ability that Google gives us to share, collaborate and create? My school has been a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) school for about four years now. We have had our share of trials and speculation as we began our journey, but it is now almost second nature to open a Chromebook and have students take notes, write stories, create presentations, or respond to peers using Classroom, Docs, Slides, and Forms.

The below tutorials are an example of a project that I do with my 4th-grade students, entitled: I Love NY. In this project, students need to research a city/town within NYS to vacation. They are to research the history, discover what there is to do in their selected town/city, and create a spreadsheet for the associated costs. The end result is a beautiful brochure that will persuade you to visit their selected town. You can find the entire project here.

Otherwise, if you are more interested in how to take a Google Slide and turn it into a brochure for either a project that you are working on with students (whether it be formatting or the need to create a brochure from scratch), or need a free resource, then the following videos will be of value to you.

Formatting the Google Slide:
Designing the Google Slide Brochure: 

Designing the inside of the brochure: 


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