2nd Grade- Introduction to Microsoft Word

Lesson Name: Microsoft Word
Grade: 2
Major Topic: Word Processing
Week/Weeks: 5

1. Technology Operations and Concepts
  • Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.

  • Microsoft Word- any version
  • Electronic White Board
  • Computer
  • Projector (if needed)

  • Week 1- Introduce Microsoft Word:
    • Show how to open/close the program from their desktop
    • Depending on the version of Word you are using, give your students the grand tour of the menu or ribbon.
    • Demonstrate how to type words, change font, and indent. For this intro they need not to worry about spelling or grammatical errors.
This week’s Intro Lesson:
  1. With Microsoft Word open at each student’s computer, have them type in his or her first and last name. You may have to remind students at this grade to use the shift key to make the first letter in their first and last name capital.
  2. Have them highlight their name by clicking and dragging the cursor over what they have typed.  In the menu/ribbon, instruct the students to change the font size to 20, the style to Arial, make it bold and select a color of his or her choice.
  3. If time permits, have them hit the enter key twice and type and finish this sentence “My favorite color is      .”.
  4. Show your students how to save this document in the location that you desire. Save it as 1LessonWord.
  • Week 2- Demonstrate inserting word art, drawing and clip art to the class.
This  week’s lesson:
  1. Have your students open up a NEW Microsoft Word Document. See how many remember how to do this independently. After a few moments give help if needed.
  2.  Instruct your students to create a Word Art of their choice and type his or her name. Helpful Note: Remind students to click off the word art before they go onto the following step.
  3. Work together to insert a clipart image. For this step have them search for an apple and insert it into their document. Helpful Note:  teach your students how to select the appropriate media type (i.e Clip art, photographs, movies and sound.) It is also helpful to show them that they can narrow the search down by selecting which collection they would like to search in. It does not matter what apple they choose.
  4.  Have them click off the clip art image of an apple then have them draw a circle.
  5. If time permits allow them to add more clip art, word art or drawings.
  6. Show your students how to save this document in the location that you desire. Save it as 2LessonWord.
  • Week 3-5- 
  1. Have your students enter your computer lab and instruct them to open Microsoft Word. Great chance to sneak in a grade! Explain to them that they will be Typing  a paragraph about their second grade year (about 3-5 sentences.) Change the font size to 18. Insert a clipart and create the title “2nd Grade News” using word art. 
  2. When they are all complete, work together to spell check the lesson. Show your students how to save this document in the location that you desire. 
  3. Save it as 3LessonWordFinal.


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