1st Grade Lesson- Using Paint Program to Illustrate Sentence

Lesson Name:Using Paint Program to Illustrate Sentence
Grade: 1
Major Topic: Fine motor skills, typing, Drawing, Saving, Printing
Week/Weeks: 2 Classes

 This is a great review of typing and Windows Paint for your first grade computer class.
1st Grade Lesson- Using Paint Program to Illustrate Sentence {sample}

  1. Basic operations and concepts
    • Students demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.
  • Whiteboard and projector 
  • Computer
  • Microsoft Paint

  • Have this sentence displayed for all to see: "This is what I learned in school…."
  • Have students open up Windows Paint Program. Show them how to use the typing feature. Have them type the above sentence by stressing the importance of using capital letters. Demonstrate the shift key.
  • Have the students draw a picture on the same page of what they learned in school.
  • Teach them how to send to the printer if this is an option. 
  • Save to their folder on your server.


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