How to implement Study Island when you are just the Computer Teacher

Being a computer teacher has its rewards- one of which is working collaboratively with your coworkers. Study Island can provide just that.

Pre-planning to use Study Island (well, the pre-planning on behalf of the classroom teachers that is) in the computer lab can make implementation run more smoothly and build a stronger connection between the classroom lesson and the computer lab. Have the classroom teacher create a test based on what they have been learning about and post it to their class page. The teacher log-in also provides resources for teachers, such as; lesson plans, printables and videos! All of this is available under My Assignments. Please note: that Study Island Provides State Standards for the core within the program. Goal: Develop a strong classroom teacher- computer teacher relationship to make Study Island in the computer lab a success!

How and when to implement Study Island in the computer lab?
  • First and foremost,  spend a computer lab class or two introducing Study Island to your students. Are they new to Study Island? Have them take the pre-test for each core subject for your state.
  • Use Study Island as bell work before your daily lesson begins in the computer lab. This can also help you prepare for the class period- especially if you have one class after another with no break in-between.
  • Need a filler for in-between lessons? Assign a test that you want your class to accomplish as they wait for others to catch up.
  • Talk to the classroom teacher, and don't hesitate to utilize full lab time near state testing!
Quick tip: Study Island provides teachers with many resources on how to make students engaged under their help section. But what can you do to tie it into a computer class? Why not have them make a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet as to how many Blue Ribbons they achieved and make a corresponding graph.


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