First Grade- Practice Typing Sight Words

Grade: 1
Major Topic: Fine motor skills, typing
Week/Weeks: 1 Class

  1. Basic operations and concepts
    • Students demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.


  • After you have introduced the keyboard to your first graders, now is the time to practice typing!
  • Demonstrate to the class how to open the word processor of your choice. Teach them how to use the SPACEBAR and the ENTER key to make spaces and line breaks.
  • Have your students type their first names and hit the enter key twice to start on a new line.
  • The First Grade Typing Sight Words PDF has a list of 10 words. Show each one on the electronic whiteboard until every student typed it on to their computer. If they finish quickly, have them hit the space bar and type it again.
  • Press enter between different words.
Example: Your students work may look like this:


after after aft
may may may m
open op
just jus
from f
round roun

  • Have your students print or save them to their folder on the server.


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