Teaching Kindergartners about the Internet

Teaching Kindergartners about the Internet may be a challenging task, or one that comes more naturally, depending if they are allowed to use the computer at home. In a typical class you may find that it is usually a mixed pot of pro's and newbies. This lesson will give your novice Internet users a chance to explore while you giving you a chance to help the beginners practice. This is also great for their fine-motor skills.

Objective: Internet
Classes: 2-3

NETS Standards:

5. Digital Citizenship
6. Technology Operations and Concepts


  • Have the ABCya! Website presented at the front of the computer room. ***Tip*** I usually keep the monitor off until they are ready to work!


1. Discuss with your class the parts of the Internet. Demonstrate as you explain. They may look a little different depending on your Internet Browser.
Cover the following:

  • Address Bar- Where you put the URL of the Web site you want to visit. Everyplace on the Internet has an address, just like each of you have a house address.
  • Refresh Button: Makes a page reload.
  • Stop Button: Stops a page from loading.

  • Forward and Back button allows you to navigate between Web pages.
  • Also show them how to scroll using the scroll bar.

  • Minimum, Maximum and the Close Button (the Red X as it is typically called).
2. Lesson #1-Have your students turn on their monitors to the ABCYa Web site. Instruct them to scroll down and click onto the Counting Fish  Demonstrate if needed- instructions are provided.
 This is a great intro lesson which is basic points and clicks of the mouse.

3. Lesson #2  Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Game. Demonstrate if needed- instructions are provided.
This lesson is great to teach them how to click - hold - and drag the letters into place. Allow them to play until the lesson is complete. If a few finish quickly, have them move onto to lesson #3.

4. Lesson #3- Kid's Coloring and Drawing Activity Have them explore all the different functions of this digital drawing tool, which has more bells and whistles than the Microsoft Paint Program.
This app is great to help with their fine motor skills as well as their creativity!

If they do not all finish within the class, allow them to explore the next class as well. This will help you assess which students will need more help, who can be the helpers, and what areas your class will need to practice more.


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