Wakelet Tutorial, Updates, Emojis and Crowd Surfing

Wakelet Ambassador Badge

I have to say that I have just recently entered the world of a Wakelet Ambassador after only using the application for a few short months and quickly falling in love. Aside from bookmarking resources for myself personally for “professional reasons” (for example, I made myself a Wakelet bucket list collection that I set to private with resources of tools and endeavors that I would like to accomplish for 2020), I also use Wakelet to quickly share resources with the teachers and administrators during my professional development workshops and to collect resources and New York State Education updates that were presented to the curriculum administrators in my region as a way to curate resources with the regional professional learning communities or with folks like yourself!

New to Wakelet? Below is a tutorial to get you started. Simply click around the image below to begin!

Wakelet Adventure by Aimee Bloom

✅Quick Tip- and nothing revolutionary here…. Well, to me it is.

During FETC (the Future of Educational Technology Conference in January 2020), I sat through Matt Miller’s session, 3 Easy Strategies to Organize Your Google Classroom. A topic that I am typically having over and over again with the Google Classroom user’s within the district’s that I work with. So I was like hey, I like to hear Matt share his love of Google.... and I am willing to breathe in any new tip or trick I can find. It was during his session when I learned that you can add emoji’s to assignment titles, discussion titles, and topics. Admittedly, as visual of a person as I am, I just had never given it a thought before!

I have discovered that you can also add emojis to Google folder and file names (docs, slides, etc.) as well- which is great because I previously stated, I am a visual person. Red folder in my Google Drive with the label “Important” next to it? I may want to look inside. Red Folder with the ⚠️ symbol and the word “Important” next to it? Now you have my attention.
Screenshot of google drive with labels and emojis

So I was like- why stop there? Yes, you can add emojis to Wakelet titles and text to help create a visual organizational system. I personally like the Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels as a Google Extension if you are working from a Chromebook or laptop as I typically am.

See my complete example here.

Okay- so maybe I am going a little emoji overboard! I have to admit, my next outlet will be Twitter. But what emoji do I pick? Oh, the stress!

Lastly- some quick updates. Did you know that Wakelet has a student ambassador program? My dear friend and an amazing teacher, Kamal Preet, has been doing some pretty amazing work with her student Simar. Make sure to check out her Wakelet! Keep up the amazing work!

Need more help and some creative ways to get started using Wakelet. Catch the wave and head on over to Surf School and check out all of the amazing resources!

Hang ten, bro….. Till next time. 🏄‍♀️🌊


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