Internet Safety Digital Comic Strip for Second Graders

In this unit students will learn:
  1. How to be safe online
  2. What information you should NEVER share with anyone you meet online.
  3. How to create a Make Beliefs Comix Strip to tell a story of how to be safe online.

What you need:

  • Faux Paw's Adventers in the Internet- Digital book or online video (above) and resources from

What you do:
  1. Introduce Internet Safety by reading/watching Faux Paw's Adventures in the Internet and discuss what information you do not share online.
  2. Have students complete the associated Activity Sheet that provides with this lesson to use as a guide for their Comic Strip.
  3. Have students create a 6 panel (or more) comic using Make Beliefs Comix outlining the five pieces of information not to share while on the Internet. Use this Google Doc as your students guide for the project- make it your own by going to File-->Make a Copy!


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