First Grade- Computer Parts Worksheet and Student Login

First Grade- Computer Parts Worksheet and Student Login- Sample Worksheet

Grade: 1
Major Topic: Computer Hardware, logging into the computer
Week/Weeks: 1 class
Mrs. Bloom

NETS for Students:
  1. Basic operations and concepts
    • Students demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.

  • Have students sit in a group and play a game called “Simon Says” and have them take turns finding a part of the computer.
    • “Simon Says, [child’s name] find me the monitor!”
    • This is a great way to learn your students’ names!

  • Discuss directions and have students complete the computer parts worksheet as per directions.
  • Computer activity: On the whiteboard at the front of the class, have the first grade student sign in and password displayed. Teach them how to log in and out of their computer by demonstrating first and then walking them through the process step –by-step.
  • Example: “Click your cursor in the Username name field and type in your username” Go around the room to make certain all students have their cursor in the correct box before you move on. Some students may need you to spell out the username. Say each letter at a time until all the students have it correct. Follow these directions for the password. Once the students are in- show them how to log off. Repeat a few times and check off the students who you feel may need more help.

  • I usually grade this on a scale of 5 for participation and understanding. 5 being they got it on the first or second try – to – 1 may need more guidance.


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